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How do I use TeleSavers?

Simply call the access number corresponding with the destination you wish to call, followed by the complete international number. That's all. For queries about the billing procedure please go to the "How will my calls be billed" frequently asked question.

How do I sign up to TeleSavers?

To use TeleSavers you don't need to register. Just dial the access number allocated to the international destination you wish to call and follow the voice prompt.

Why am I unable to dial certain TeleSavers access numbers?

1. Other operators like NTL, Telewest and mobile providers will have to open up our access numbers on their networks. Some providers are extremely slow updating their networks and therefore it might take some time before our access numbers are available from all networks. To speed this up contact your service provider, tell them the access number you wish to call and ask if they can open up the telephone number.

2. You might be barred from calling 09 numbers. Please contact your service provider to have the bar lifted.

3. Some Indirect Access providers like Onetel do not allow calls to some or all of our access numbers. If you normally dial an Indirect Access code before your calls (for example 1833 for Alpha telecom or 1877 for Onetel) you simply omit this code and just dial the TeleSavers access number directly. Omitting the Indirect Access code means the TeleSavers call will be charged by your line provider (usually BT). If you are using a Onetel Phone.Pal you can either unplug the Phone.Pal or dial 1-2-1 to bypass your Phone.Pal. Should you have chosen the Onetel "Select" option we would advise to contact Onetel to provide you with a code to override this feature.

Can I use TeleSavers from payphones?

Our access numbers are accessible from any UK phone, including payphones. However, be aware that calls from payphones could be surcharged and may cost more than the price stated on our website.

Can I use TeleSavers from my mobile?

Yes, you can. However be aware that you may be surcharged by your mobile operator. How much you will be charged depends on your mobile operator and which tariff plan you have. Please note your mobile operator controls this rate on their billing system. We unfortunately have no influence on what they may charge, nor do we receive a penny extra of any surcharge.
We advise you to get in touch with your mobile phone provider to double check their rates to our access numbers.

Why did you change the access number for COUNTRY X?

Our access numbers have a fixed rate attached to them. We always try to offer the best prices possible and if the price changes, the access number has to change as well. Every time our TeleSavers buying team are able to negotiate a better deal with suppliers we pass this discount on to our customers by lowering certain destinations even further!
Once the negotiated special deal comes to an end we will also have to change the access number back to its original price.
To ensure you are always calling the cheapest access number possible, simply sign up for our
free newsletter.

Can I use the TeleSavers access numbers outside the UK?

Unfortunately our access numbers will only work in the United Kingdom. So if you live abroad or if you are on holiday outside the UK you cannot make use of our services.

I am a NTL or Telewest customer, can I use TeleSavers?

The TeleSavers access numbers can be used from most landlines including NTL or Telewest. The billing process for our access numbers works exactly the same as with BT; the charges will simply appear on your NTL or Telewest bill.

NTL and Telewest should charge the same rates as BT for our access numbers. However if you would like to check their rates please visit the
Telewest website.

Should you have encountered a problem with your NTL or Telewest bill please contact them directly as they control the rates to our access numbers on their own billing systems.

When do call charges take effect?

You will be charged from the moment you are connected to our service, not the moment the call is answered at the other end. As we want our customers to benefit from no registration, low prices and access from all networks, we unfortunately cannot change this. However, should your call not be answered, you will be informed by our operator and disconnected. Your call should not take more than two minutes.

Can I receive an itemised bill from TeleSavers?

The onward international calls will not be itemised on your bill. As your normal telephone provider bills you for the calls, not TeleSavers, all you will be able to see is what your telephone supplier provides you with. We unfortunately cannot supply itemised call lists.

Why do I have to press the hash (#) key?

If you press the hash (#) key after the international number, you just speed up connection as the computer will know you have finished dialing. Do not worry if you forget to press the hash (#) key, a connection will still be established.

I have been overcharged by TeleSavers!

TeleSavers cannot overcharge you. The rates to our access numbers are set by
Ofcom, the UK telecommunications regulator. It is common practise for all landline service providers to adhere to the charges set by Ofcom (please see section ?Can I use TeleSavers from my mobile? for mobile users). However, the rates you are actually charged on your bill depend on the prices your service provider has configured on their billing system. We unfortunately have no influence on their billing system, nor do we receive a penny extra of any surcharge.
We advise you to get in touch with your service provider to protest your bill. Should your service provider not settle the issue satisfactorily please contact Ofcom on 0845 456 3000.

When I ring someone abroad will they be charged for the call as well?

Normally the person receiving a call will never be charged.
However if you are abroad with your mobile (i.e. not in the country the mobile number originates from) your mobile provider will charge you for receiving calls whilst abroad also known as roaming charges. For more information please contact your mobile provider.

I was told by my service provider you charge at premium rate which is really expensive?

Only 09 numbers are classified as premium rate; however prices for premium rate numbers vary enormously depending on which number you are ringing. Premium rate is not necessarily expensive as charges start from as little as 5p/min.

How much can I save by using TeleSavers instead of Telewest?

For Telewest charges prices please visit the
Telewest website.

What are "network extras" in the message: "calls cost {X}p per minute plus network extras"?

You will hear this message on all premium rate numbers. "Network extras" simply means that some providers charge additional fees for premium rate calls.
Please advise your network provider for more information.

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